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With the massive influx of people to the Car Club Scene/Club Registration Scheme, reportedly 6700 vehicles since the rules changes in July 2017, the SMASA Committee provide the following advice to Members on what to do now that the SMASA 2019-2020 Membership year has completed.

SMASA Membership
A membership year is a financial year. You need to renew your membership and have your Log Book updated. Your vehicle can not be legally driven until this has been completed. From 1 July 2019 your vehicle is not registered under the scheme until this is completed.
From 1st April a membership year costs $40 and ends on the 30th June of the following year. Club Rego Fees are $20 per year for the first vehicle and $10 per year for additional vehicles.

SMASA offer multi year memberships of 1, 2 or 3 years. We encourage members to match their membership to their Club Rego log book, this makes things easier for everyone. If you have 2 years left on your log book(s), do a 2 year membership, then come back to us in 2 years time to get a new log book(s) and membership at which point you could do 3 years to match your new log book.

Unfortunately Membership/Log book expiry rarely matches vehicle registration expiry, however, the onus is on the vehicle owner to ensure ALL of these are current as a condition of Club Rego.

Club Rego Days
Uptake has been slow for some of these, don't make Club Rego part of the "Adelaide Curse" (leaving everything until the last minute). We release tickets based on demand and if the morning spots don't fill we don't release afternoon spots; it isn't fair to hold our volunteers all day for them to be idle for an hour or two waiting for the afternoon crowd. The volunteers are not paid to help you access a scheme that lets you pay fair registration on your classic vehicles AND possibly save even more money with your insurer (COUGH, COUGH, Shannons).

The next Club Rego Day is to be advised; refer to the 'Club Registration' tab for details.

Country Regos
For those regional towns that are 1-2 hours from Adelaide, if a local can organise a group of 10-20 people wanting Club Rego (enough to justify sending someone out) we can look into coming out there.

We have Rego Officers in Roxby Downs, Port Pirie and Millicent that can also help out with people in those areas, get in touch for details.

For people wanting Club Rego 3+ hours out of Adelaide, we have other alternatives, get in touch with an email to - countryclubrego@smasa.com.au

SMASA has a dedicated Club Registration page on the web site, all the information you need should be there. Please read through it before emailing or calling with your question.
Member Benefits
- Quarterly SMASA electronic Newsletter 'The Distributor' 
- Free spectator entry to our Annual Show and Shine and discounted car entry
- Access to the Club Registration Scheme
- Member prize draws on most of our Cruise Nights 
- Regular email updates
- SMS notifications for events and cruises
- Member's Loyalty Program (supplier discount scheme)