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Ignorance of the rules is not a defense against prosecution, 
if you break the rules - 

There are
FOUR things that must happen for your vehicle to be considered registered,
if any one of the FOUR items below are missing or not current, you're breaking the rules of Club Rego penalties start with $750 fine:

1. Current Club Membership
2. Current Log Book (Membership Year page is up to date)
3. Log Book entry for the day - Day/Month/Year, journey description and signature.
4. SA Government Registration fees paid and current.

More information available in the Code of Practice
How do you get your vehicle on Club Registration with SMASA? 

1. Your vehicle must be at least or will be 30 years old in the current calendar year.
2. Your vehicle must be in good and safe condition, vehicles that appear otherwise will be turned away.
3. You must be a SMASA Member (we can join you up at all our Club Rego events).
4. Attend a Club Registration event, members will be informed by email of the dates and locations.
5. For renewals, bring a completed Membership Form, Rego Papers, money and your log book(s).
6. For New Registrations, you will need to bring with you:
   - Registration Details Certificate, for vehicle ID details.
   - at least 4 pictures of the vehicle showing:
     a. Front 3/4 photo showing current number plate, front of the vehicle and one side.
     b. Rear 3/4 photo showing the rear of the vehicle and opposite side to front shot.
     c. Clear and well lit engine bay shot.
     d. Clear and well lit interior shot of at least the front area (seats and dash).
No physical inspection of the vehicle is required.
We DO NOT keep copies of the pictures; pictures on phones and tablets are fine as long as they are clear and as per the specs given.
SMASA will be checking for clean and safe vehicles, the legality and roadworthiness is the responsibility of the owner, just as it is with full registration.

UPDATE 26th March 2020

Please read through everything on this site and Facebook before asking questions. 


Members Meetings: All meetings are cancelled until further notice, once government restrictions are removed we will look to resume normal meetings. The AGM will be postponed until restrictions are lifted.

Club Rego: We have consulted the FHMC and DPTI and believe we have a non-contact solution that should suit many, possibly most, but probably not all. We might need to restrict renewals to one year only for this year to facilitate a viable approach. Information will follow once we have finalised the approach.

Membership Renewals: we were due to start accepting renewals from 1st April, please hold off until we contact you. We will email/SMS people due to renew this year with details once we finalise a suitable approach. The SMASA app is now in it's testing phase and may become an option.

Events: as per government restrictions are cancelled until further notice.

Member Contact: We contact financial members regularly via email and SMS, if you have supplied both your mobile number and email address but have not heard from us in the last month or two (February newsletter via email, March events via SMS) then

1. Check your junk/spam folders

2. Check that your email account is not full

3. Check that your email account actually works

Otherwise email your details to membership@smasa.com.au as there may have been a typo (zeros to Os etc.). There are quite a few email addresses in the database that have bounced.

More information
Membership $40 per year
*Associate Membership $20 per year (for joint owners)
(a condition of club rego is that all owners are members).
NOTE: There is a LATE FEE of $20 for renewals processed after 30 June.
New Members can join from Dec to March for $20 (expiring 30th June in that financial year).
Club Vehicle Fees
$20 per year for the 1st vehicle, $10 per year for 2nd to 5th vehicles and $5 per vehicle for 6th and subsequent vehicles.

How we obtained Club Rego

 SMASA's Policy
After 10+ years of lobbying the Government, the previous Minister for Transport, Hon Stephen Mullighan, announced on December 18th 2016 that there would be changes to the scheme.
The main changes being:
- A rolling 30 year cut-off
- Allowing legally modified vehicles to access the scheme
- Allowing LHD cars to be legally modified
- Reduction of red-tape to free up club representatives
The changes were implemented 1st July 2017.
SMASA individual members, affiliated clubs and Committee all fully support the changes to the Conditional Registration Scheme.
SMASA's support petition can be found here:
Legality of Modifications
Whilst SMASA will not be able to inspect vehicles applying for Club Registration on the validity of their modifications, SMASA will be ensuring that the constitution (Rule Book) allows it's Registration Officers to reject vehicles they suspect are illegal or dangerous.
The Club Registration scheme is there to help and encourage enthusiasts, not to facilitate people who want to bypass the normal registration system.

Progress Timeline

01/07/2017 New rules and changes implemented. Woo Hoo!
25/05/2017 Name change from Historic Registration to Club Registration
23/02/2017 Hon Stephen Mullighan, Minister for Transport announces results of consultation period and expected 1st July 2017 implementation via Facebook.
21/02/2017 SMASA formally submits the results (2357 signatures) and 39 pages of comments from the Change.org petition supporting the changes.
02/02/2017    Close of date for public comment on the proposed changes to Conditional Registration.
19/01/2017 1959 signatures on the Approval petition.
10/01/2017 Started online petition in support of the proposed changes.
21/12/2016  Article in the Bunyip (Gawler local) newspaper  
20/12/2016 Street Machine online article
Stephen Mullighan announces changes in a Facebook post
Government Press release can be viewed here : CLICK HERE FOR MEDIA RELEASE  
26/03/2014 Hon Stephen Mullighan announced as new transport minister
Created the Facebook Group - Street Machine Conditional Registration